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          HOTEL INTRODUCTION          
                OUR CULTURE                
  New Harbour Service Apartments
Shanghai HaiPu Center Real Estate Co.Ltd.
Address: No.88, Yongshou Rd., Shanghai
Post Code:200021
Tel: 86-21-63551889
Fax: 86-21-63556233
Shanghai Bund Investment (Group) Co., Ltd.
Address: 29&33F Jiu Shi Building,No.28 Zhong Shan Rd. (S),Shanghai
TEL: 86-21-63233111
FAX: 86-21-63210659
our culture
Service : satisfy the customers with all of our hearts
Hotel service is an art, “Satisfy the customers with all our hearts” is its practical theme forever. We will try our best to present you homely warmness by smile, skill , courtesy, initiation and intelligence.
Operation Conception: do from the triviality
Hotel management and service are miscellaneous and trivial. But every minute reflects the difference and every step leads to the final success. We should treat little things with sincerity and serious to improve the operation quality and efficiency. Our goal is to leave no blanket in operation either in space or time.
Management Standard:
Exquisite -- The management should take care of every detail without any blind spot. The service should be comprehensive and appropriate without any nuisance.
Earnest -- Treat the career assiduously and passionately in solid style of work.
Stringent – Be strict with oneself, be rigorous in one’s attitude.
Tight – Allocate work and human resource compactly; control budget reasonably; rally all staff closely into strong force and cohesion.
Exceeding – Reach the goal of high efficiency, high quality and high standard.
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  Address: No.88, Yongshou Rd., Shanghai Post Code:200021
Tel:86-21-63551889 Fax:86-21-63556233
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