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The One Bedroom Suite
The Two Bedroom Suite
The Three Bedroom Suite
Select 1 bedroom apartment
Select 2 bedroom apartment
Select 3 bedroom apartment
Harbour view 1 bedroom suite
Harbour View Mandarin Executive suite
Harbour view 2 bedroom suite
Harbour View Premier suite
We have 255 all-suite apartments with different size and style. One-bed-room Suite, Two-bed-room Suite, Three-bed-room Suite, Executive Suite, all apartments are furnished and equipped with kitchen. We are delighted to provide personal hotel service to make it a comfortable place.
We will provide the following services for all guests:
  • high speed internet access
  • domestic and international direct-dial telephone lines
  • electric safe
  • cable and satellite TV
  • hair blower
  • morning call service
  • F&B room service
  • Mini Bar with refrigerator of larger capacity
  • kitchen
  • micro-oven
Tariff for Long Term Rent
Room Type (㎡) Monthly Rent
1 bedroom apartment 63-70 RMB20000
Executive apartment 97-103 RMB24000
2 bedroom apartment 97-103 RMB24000
3 bedroom apartment 131 RMB28000
Select 1 bedroom apartment 63-70 RMB22000
Select 2 bedroom apartment 97-103 RMB26000
Select 3 bedroom apartment 131 RMB30000
Harbour View 1 bedroom suite 87 RMB24000
Harbour View Mandarin Executive suite 113 RMB30000
Harbour View 2 bedroom suite 113 RMB30000
Harbour View Premier suite 226 RMB48000
  ·The Monthly Rental is inclusive of the Management Fee,Water and Gas fee, electricity fee (limited)
·Tenants are entitled to use the in-door swimming pool, gym and sauna free of charge.
·Tel:86-21-63551889 * Sales Depart.
·Welcome to request details by contacting Sales Depart., or by the following mail
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